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Processing of plastic for Customers’ needs.

The PPP production program  includes open cell suspended ceilings, displays, shopfitting, standard and custom items.

Our items follows the Customers’ needs.

Our ceilings are made of ABS and ASA / PC and are approved to European Standards EN13964. While our range of displays realized injection and acrylic sheet (Plexiglas and other leading brands), it is continually updated and always on fast delivery.


    There are different types of   plastic, from thermoplastic polymers to polyethylene. The quality of plastic processing starts from the choice of the most suitable material.

    Knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques is the basis of our products quality. That’s why we always keep abreast of the latest industry-news.

    We offer our customers a high-level know-how.


    We offer our customers a very complete catalogue of products, both for displays and for ceilings. We provide our expertise also in the production of special items, designed on the basis of customer specifications.


    The quality of plastic processing is worth little without quality of service.

    Our customers can count on a reliable professional team, efficient and expert; we adapt to the needs of our customers and ensure compliance with agreed schedule.