• False Ceilings

    A complete range of open cell suspended false-ceilings in ABS, PMMA and self estinguishing ASA/PC. Light, modular, long lasting and functional, they allow for easy, quick, modern and effective surface creation.

  • Displays

    12 injection moulding and 3 lasercutting machines, a manual moulding department. We produce displays for any use, everything required for merchandising, sales display and more.

  • Special Items

    Moulding, folding, cutting, glueing, milling, polishing: PPP uses the best methods for the transformation of a flat sheet into a three dimensional object, from the design to the end product.


Plexiglass, plastic ABS, PMMA, ASA/PC flame retardant: P.P.P. catalogue contains many products and offers high quality solutions for false ceilings, plastic furniture, shelving and custom items.

Each product in our catalogue is made with the best materials: our items are durable, easy to clean and comfortable to move.

Moreover our achievements are modular, that is to say can be assembled together in various ways, adapting them to available spaces.

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