Open cell system false-ceiling
in high quality ABS or self estinguishing ASA/PC according to EN13964 (FR code).
Standard colors: white or black
By request available: coloured ABS or transparent PMMA (quantity to be agreed).
Special version available: metallized chrome and silver satin.
Special version on request: gold and copper.

129/60 129/40 129/S 129/M 129/T
Materiale-FinituraABSABS ABS silver satin.ABS metallizzatoPMMA trasparente
dimensioni maglia mm. 40x40 40x40 40x40 40x40 40x40
dimensioni pannello mm. 600x600 400x400 400x400 400x400400x400
altezza pannello mm. 30 30 30 30 30
peso al mq. kg. 3.25 3.25 3.25 3.25 3,25
pannelli per cartone nr.1019191919
Metriq. x cartonemq.3,63,043,043,043,04
Dimensioni cartonecm.62x62x3042x42x6042x42x6042x42x6042x42x60
Peso x cartone kg. 13,5 11,2 11,2 11,2 11,2
EuroclasseUNI EN13964FFFFF
Materiale-FinituraASA/PCASA/PC silver satinASA/PC metallizzato
Euroclasse UNI EN13964B s2d0B s2d0C s2d0


PPP 129  Supply of false ceiling -   PPP  "open cell" thermoplastic panels -  interlocking panels with no grid or structure,  injection moulded in  ABS with mesh size mm. 40x40x30, panel size mm. 400x400 (129/40) or  600x600 (129/60) 

White Black/ Color ……………………………………

The false ceiling is suspended means of hooks and metallic wire ( or adjustable spring hangers), fixed directly to holes available in the upper side of  panel at a centre distance of about 80 cm, easily inspectionable, suspended at a height of .... cm from floor.

 (Manufacturer-PPP. Prodotti Poliplastici s.r.l., Mestre-Venezia-Italia)  Please refer the list of authorised dealers for product availibility.

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