Apply an angular profile to the wall (wood, alluminium, plastic etc.).
Apply the metal hooks to the ceiling at a recommended spacing of 80cm between each.

Join together a few panels, using a flat work-surface for support, and insert hooks into the holes on the rear of the panels, to allow for suspension. Keep the panels face-down and facing in the same direction with the “wing” side facing the wall.

Begin assembly from the left hand corner of the room, suspending the panels from the hooks in the ceiling using metal wire.

If necessary the panels may be cut to fit around obstacles (columns etc.) using a small hand-saw or strong scissors.

Adjust the lenhth of the suspension wires to ensure a level surface area, help yourselves with a wooden plank as a support for the panels.

The upper part of the ceiling may be inspected, lighting fixtures above accessed etc. easily by lifting a “window” of 3-4 panels along a connection point.


•the panels are injection moulded in antri-static ABS. It is recommended, however, that during the installation process the panels are kept boxed and away from sources of dust until ready to be used.

•In the case of the installation of large surface areas, it is recommended that a small distance is maintained between the outer panels and the wall.This will allow for exspansion and contrction of the ceiling panels corresponding with temperature changes.

•It is recommended that metallic finish ceiling be handled using soft gloves to avoid marking.

•After a period of 5-8 years an increased fragility may be noticed in the panels. This is normal for the material and will not effect the look or functionality of the ceiling.

•the colour range of the materials provided by our suppliers is tightly controlled to ensure maximum uniformity, however, very slight variations in colour may occur.

•P.P.P. is not liable for any damages to the product resulting from improper use or installation undertaken in a manner differently from that recommended by P.P.P

•The characteristics of the ceiling panels my be subject to change without notice, with the purpose of ensuring improvements in quality.

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