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PPP: open cell suspended ceilings according to every project

PPP ceilings are one of the reasons of the success of PPP brand.
We manufacture a wide range of open cell suspended ceilings, injection moulded in best thermoplastics available on the market which presents many mesh sizes, panel sizes, colors and custom metallized finishes. Available in ABS and also Fire Rated in ASA/PC or Acrilic.
Thanks to over 60 years of experience, our ceilings are guaranteed in quality for many years. All items are CE marked, also according to EN 13964 Fire laws: a global product always ensuring top performance also with high temperature, salty atmosphere, humidity, low temperatures.

THE Right product for every need

Our plastic suspended ceilings find their high-end application in many different fitting areas: Caribbean resort, airport, showroom, office, convention center, hotel, sport facilities, reception, bank offices, shopping malls. Suitable for any kind of project for universal installation (classic, modern, ultramodern), thanks to many different versions and finishes: our experience and Customer Service is at your disposal for helping you to choose the correct product.

Efficency and ease-of use

Our system ceiling should be optically perfect, but also easy to use. Specially in fitting out shopping malls, exposition booth, business areas and offices, efficency is crucial: every PPP product is studied to grant easy installation and maximum versatility of use.
The patented “connection click system” between panels, without need of any structure, ensures an unique plain surface, easy to inspect when needed. Installation is easy and fast, result is perfect and long lasting.
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