PPP is not just produce and sell. In a more and more complex and dynamic market, requests for custom-made articles are greater than those for serial one (visible in the catalogue, on site) for some time now.

Contemporary products, keeping up wih the times, essential for successful articles exposure, which in turn, become little masterpieces of style and design. Daily we deal with requests, projects, ideas often only sketched by architects, interior designers, visual merchandisers, grappling with new sale strategies, layout of shop windows, new products to exhibite, technical details. Sometimes we may need to draw upon the experience of already made objects, which can be modified (even in small series). And this is where our technical department and design comes into play, carefully listening to the client’s needs and using a formidable creativity combined with many years of experience, to design perfectly and in real time a new display.

The smallest detail can make the difference between a “normal” product and a “winning” one for aesthetics, functionality, design.

Our care lies in this pursuit of detail, obviously using top quality materials, of the most established brands.

Designing and prototyping are followed by production, within the agreed time (always fast, in line with the market), ensuring a high quality standard from the first to the last piece, a suitable packaging and a distribution logistics efficient and competitive, irrespective of the country where products will be shipped. These are seemingly obvious and granted things, but they are workable only with a solid organization, like that of PPP.