Imagine the usual and well known quality of our ceiling mixed with innovative and improved photoluminescent technical features: here comes a new spectacular scenery never seen before!

Since ancient times, humans looks at the sky to match important choices and to find the right way, looking where Mother Nature puts bright guiding lights in the sky and spectacular light effects. Also in housing and commercial spaces, a clever planning of light sources is very important to recognize volumes and can also be used for suggestive effects.
When we talk about photoluminescent materials we mean the technical properties of special elements to catch daylight (or artificial light) and give it back to the room for prolonged time once the light turns off. Photoluminescence is a clean and renewable energy source, since charging happens every day with both natural and artificial light: special visual effects and energy saving can be obtained. To renew our open cell ceilings product range, a version that uses this very special thermoplastic photoluminescent masterbatches is in development, which combine the usual quality characteristics of PPP ceilings (high quality raw materials, according to strict European standards and Regulations, careful injection moulding, accurate control of all production steps and a long lasting luminescence) with a particular and spectacular aesthetic effect.
This product line is a suitable and intelligent choice for both commercial and business locations, creating elegant outfittings, modern and in the same time classic – a simple line of light drawing emotions in the night on the ceiling surface, writing messages, show you the way – something never seen before!

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