Interior Design and Project by Zoom Tpu from İstanbul Turkey


Our ABS and ASA/PC False Ceilings are thermoplastic materials, one widely used by time for the construction of objects of daily use the other of the latest generation as meeting the European standards for the prevention of the spread Fire.abs2

false ceilings absBoth materials are used to make a range of ceilings that combines practicality and speed of assembly, with a particular aesthetic result (single surface without visible joints) and with decorations unobtainable in another material.

The materials combine mechanical strength, elasticity, mechanical stability, uniformity of color over time, high gloss special additives and processes which make our false ceiling antistatic.

Result is a false ceiling that maintains over the years an always up to the maximum level, with the advantage that any inspections are fast and with the guarantee of obtaining a single surface even after surgery.

Have a look at our open cell ceilings Catalogue here.

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