P.P.P. is always looking for new materials to obtain a decorative or functional improvement!

Today PPP presents a new false ceiling finish obtained with a mix of 70% wood fiber and 30% thermoplastic material, that complete the recent range of special colours and finishes.This innovative creation is an amalgamation where the natural wood fiber are incorporated creating a hybrid that offers great mechanical performance, design flexibility and also an extremely attractive feeling: the advantages of wood are combined with those of the plastic material.In particular, although there is a high percentage of wood fiber, this compound is not subject to the deficiencies of the wood since it doesn’t rot or make splinters, and in the same time it resists to moisture, salty and chlorine atmosphere.It is fully recyclable, has a high level of hygiene because of the high processing temperatures and  it does not require any further treatment, at the same time it is a very stable compound.

These new grids are meant to decor classic & new generation outfittings, being able to fit in all those projects where a refined interior design and higher aesthetically finish is required.

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